The District Attorney’s Office for the Toombs Judicial Circuit serves the citizens of Glascock, Lincoln, McDuffie, Taliaferro, Warren, and Wilkes Counties.


What We Do.

We promote public safety by delivering quality prosecution services to the citizens of the Toombs Judicial Circuit in a fair and just manner. We are committed to making our communities an even safer place to raise a family and a desirable place to conduct a business. We pursue the truth, safeguard the rights of all and vigorously enforce the law in an equal manner. We will work with every component of the criminal justice system to convict and appropriately punish the guilty, to protect the rights of victims and to protect the innocent.

Who We Are.

The District Attorneys for the Toombs Judicial Circuit acts as the public prosecutor on behalf of the citizens of Glascock, Lincoln, McDuffie, Taliaferro, Warren and Wilkes Counties. Our office prosecutes criminals aggressively, seeks justice for victims of crimes, advocates for the rights of victims and safeguards the rights of the accused in a fair, just, ethical and effective manner.

We are charged with the responsibility of prosecuting all felony violations of State law that occur within the Toombs Judicial Circuit. We also prosecute all misdemeanor violations that are not resolved in either probate or city courts. Juvenile offenders are also prosecuted by our office. We litigate our convictions through the various appellate courts including the Georgia Supreme Court. The Office of Child Support Services is a division of the District Attorney’s Office and processes all child support cases and enforces child support orders, including the prosecution of child support violators. We also work within our communities to prevent and deter crime and to promote public safety.

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Our Guiding Principles

In order to fulfill our critical responsibilities to the citizens of the Toombs Judicial Circuit all employees of the District Attorney pledge that they will adopt the highest standards of ethical behavior and professionalism. In order to gain and hold the trust of the public we will strive to uphold the following principles:

  • We will treat all people with dignity, respect, honesty and fairness.
  • We will cooperate with all groups and organizations with whom we interact.
  • We will hold all persons responsible for their actions.
  • We will provide ethical, competent and professional service.
  • We will treat each other fairly and courteously.
  • We will constantly strive to make the criminal justice system run in a smooth and efficient manner. We are mindful that avoidable delays in justice do not help our victims, our communities or those accused of crimes.
  • We will be committed to working with other law enforcement officials and governmental agencies, local community organizations, the faith community and the private sector to strengthen crime prevention efforts in the Toombs Judicial Circuit.
  • We will endeavor to make our office a supportive, cooperative, efficient and encouraging place to work.

Our Commitment to Community Involvement

The core mission of our entire organization is to promote public safety by delivering quality prosecution services to the citizens of the Toombs Judicial Circuit. However, we recognize that we are also part of our communities and our effectiveness as an office is enhanced through our employees’ community service. We value and encourage community involvement, volunteerism, and participation in community improvement efforts.

We want our communities to view our office as a resource. Should any neighborhood organizations, educational institution, faith-based groups, club, organization or youth group need a speaker, please feel free to contact us and we will match an employee to your needs.