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The Toombs Judicial Circuit Pretrial Diversion Program (PTD).

This program was developed to provide selected offenders an opportunity to resolve criminal cases without the imposition of a criminal conviction. It is the intent of this program to give the offender an opportunity to complete conditions imposed as a part of the program but without any loss of the State’s rights to prosecution. Offenders are carefully screened and closely supervised and candidates who fail to successfully complete the program are subject to prosecution for their crimes.

The program objectives involve diverting selected offenders from traditional court processing to an immediate supervisory program monitored by CSRA Probation Services, Inc.

The objectives are to:

  1. Provide a specifically designed program for the accused individual by allowing the accused to complete the program under normal supervision from Supervising Officers;
  2. Provide a form of punishment, but eliminate the stigma of a criminal record that otherwise could impede career opportunities; and,
  3. Reduce the court caseload and cost of prosecution while providing, in most cases, a more expedient disposition of criminal cases.

Services, Inc.

Standard Monitoring Services



Supervision Fee $40/month
5-Panel Drug Test $20/test
10-Panel Drug Test $30/test
Electronic Monitoring RF $25 install fee, $8/day
Electronic Monitoring – GPS Active $25 install fee, $8/day
ACCI Lifeskills Course $60 per course
SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring $25 install fee, $8/day